Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Morning at High 5 Pie

It is Sunday morning and time to meet my friend for coffee. Today we decide on High 5 Pie located on 12th and Madison/Union on Capitol Hill. I am in a desperate need for coffee and some flipside, which reminds me of Russian Pyrogi. I got Potato Dill Cheddar flipside and Americano. The flipside was tasty! Almost anything wrapped in some good buttery dough with cheese is tasty!!! How can you go wrong with butter and cheese?!

Cafe is nice and spacious. They serve variety of pies: different kinds and sizes. Cutie pies are cute individual little pies, which may seduce even serious dieter ;)

While taking pictures of the case full of pies my attention got caught by this beautiful Apple Pie. Say Pie!

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