Sunday, March 20, 2011

Polenta Fries

What do you with polenta the next day if you cannot eat it all at once (like me last night)? There is actually a very nice way to serve polenta the second day. You can make polenta fries! 

Polenta solidifies once it cools off. Cook polenta following my recipe How to make Polenta? So, last night I poured warm polenta into a rectangular tupperware and spread the top evenly. I let polenta cool off in a room temperature and then put it in a refrigerator for the night. Today I took polenta out and it came from a tupperware like a nice block, which I sliced into rectangles shaped like “steak fries" (about 3/4 inch by 1 inch by 5 inches).

I fried them on both sides in olive oil (or butter - of course butter is tastier!!!) in a frying pan on medium high on each side until golden brown. 

Oh, polenta fries came out delicious. Crust is so nice! Happy cooking!

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