Sunday, August 18, 2013

What to Make with Squash Blossoms and Lobster Mushrooms - Pizza

I went to the U-district Farmers Market this Saturday and picked up squash blossoms, tomatoes, lobster mushrooms, walla walla sweet onions, zucchini and few other items. I knew right away I wanted to make pizza with ricotta and squash blossoms. I decided that fontina cheese and some finely sliced zucchini slices will go well with those two ingredients. 

I got intrigued by a bright orange color of lobster mushrooms and decided to get them. I have never eaten them before. But thought to myself - I can always fry them with onions. And then I decided to make another pizza with tomatoes, lobster mushrooms, onions and fontina cheese plus some fresh thyme. 

I usually get my pizza dough from Trader Joe's but this time I even contemplated making my own. After looking at several recipes I decided to just get a fancier pizza dough  in a store - the Essential Baking Company kind. It is a step up from $1.29 to $4.99.

I had enough dough for two small pizzas. I first made squash blossom pizza with olive oil as a base. Added zucchini, shredded fontina, ricotta and squash blossoms and baked it at 450 degrees for 17 minutes. Sprinkled with fresh parsley. It did come out very pretty and tasty. 

To make the second pizza I fried sliced walla walla onions and mushrooms in olive oil for about 15 minutes. I also made my own tomato sauce from the fresh tomatoes I got at the market. The second pizza came out pretty good as well. 

I served both pizzas with a salad. I am very satisfied with my creations tonight. Pizzas were different. The squash ricotta was very fresh and light. The mushroom onion pizza was rich tasting. Maybe next time I will make my own dough.

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