Sunday, August 18, 2013

Exploring the Occidental Square - the London Plane

The Occidental Square in Seattle is one of my favorite spots. Just add few benches and you will feel like you just been transplanted to Europe. I am happy to see that Matt Dillon, an owner of Sitka & Spruce, has opened two new places here: The London Plane and Bar Sajor. Last Friday my friend and I went for lunch to the London Plane. I absolutely love the space - big windows, plenty of light, modern decor.

The menu primarily consists of vegetarian salads. Reminded me of an upscale PCC deli. You can get a plate of three salads (small or large size), which is what we chose to do. I had eggplant, cauliflower tahini and some kind of pickled green beans. We also got bread, which I believe is made by a bakery that Matt owns. Everything was delicious. It will be interesting to see how this place develops over time. My next place to dine is the Bar Sajor across the street.

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