Sunday, August 18, 2013

My New Kitchen Addition - Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine

I am finally an owner of an espresso machine. I have been dreaming about making an espresso after dinner or in the afternoon on a weekend and enjoying it with a piece of chocolate or a cookie. After consulting Coffee Geek Web site, my friends and acquaintances I decided on Rancilio Rocky Grinder and Rancilio Silvia espresso machine. Rancilio Silvia is considered to be a starter espresso machine, which only costs about $700!!!

I purchased both the machine and a grinder at Visions Espresso in Seattle. Tyler in the shop spent an hour with us showing how to use the grinder and a machine. We unpacked and tested my grinder and machine right there. I learned so much about making an espresso in those 60 minutes. For example, you need about 16-18 grams of coffee to make a double espresso and that 25-30 seconds is a good time for a shot. If it comes out too fast it means your grind is either too coarse or there is not enough coffee or some combination of both.

I have had machine for over three weeks now and am very satisfied. We use it every morning and sometimes in the afternoons and evenings. I clean it once a week. Here is an espresso I made this morning and enjoyed it with orangettes and a hazelnut diamond from Fran's.


  1. Rancilio is one great option for all coffee needs. It's a bit costly but worth it. Which is the version you got?