Saturday, July 20, 2013

My affair with Poppies

My favorite flower is Poppy. I love big red poppies that bloom in May-June around Seattle. They always cheer me up. I own paintings with poppies, dresses with poppy prints and take many pictures of poppies.

I also love food at Poppy, the restaurant on Capitol Hill. I have been to it at least twenty times and I never get tired of going there. I went to Poppy for my birthday this year and finally, brought a camera to take some pictures.

It was a nice warm July night and we opted to sit outside in the back where Poppy has a small herb garden. Restaurant is known for their thali - a plate with 7 or 10 small dishes that includes a soup, protein and vegetables. All cooked to perfection. The owner Jerry used to be at the Herbfarm. This time we had poached oysters, short rib beef and chicken thalis. For dessert we got couple of nutter-butters - small squares that are made with peanut butter. Just enough to satisfy that sweets craving.

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