Sunday, December 11, 2011

Luminous + Spinasse

Evening started with Luminous Exhibit at SAM. The exhibit has been going on for several months now. However, today was finally the day I decided to see it. The top thing for me was multimedia installation by Do Ho Suh.

After the exhibit we went to the Italian restaurant Spinasse. I have heard about this place in my Italian class and I tried to get into it two times before but unsuccessfully - the wait one time was 45 minutes and another 1.5 hours! So, I went ahead and made reservations online for Sunday night. Now that I went to Spinasse I can see why it is so popular. It has been a while since I have enjoyed food this much.

We tried their main specialties recommended by the waiter.

We started with a beet salad and then chose their signature pasta with both types of sauces offered: butter and sage and pork-beef ragu. On a menu it is listed as Tajarin al rag├╣ o burro e salvia. It was delicious!

Following pasta came 3 rabbit meatballs with horseradish and mashed turnips. Yes, they were very tasty.

As for dessert I went with Zuppa Inglese, something similar to tiramisu but not. So, would I recommend this place? Absolutely! Cost wise, it all depends on whether you have alcohol and how much of it. Dishes are reasonably priced.

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