Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas 2011 Favorites

It is Christmas time again and I have my favorites for this season. Satsuma mandarins are in season and I have been eating them by a pound. They are sweet and juicy. They remind me of my childhood - mandarins were only available around Christmas and New Year time when I was growing up.

Poinsettia is another symbol of Holidays, which I adopted here in the U.S. Thanks to globalization, you can find them being sold in my home country Lithuania now as well. Get a few and see how your living room transforms to become Holiday ready. Don't forget to water it once in a while. 

Nothing brings on a Holiday spirit like some Christmas carols and music. This year we went to Cathedral Christmas concert by Seattle Choral Company at St. Mark's Cathedral in Seattle. I found it very festive to listen to the Christmas songs in a Cathedral. The United States does not have Cathedrals that have been standing for centuries. St. Mark's Cathedral has understated look inside, with big windows and gray walls. Light fixtures imitate old candles. During intermission we got served hot apple cider and home baked cookies. And, of course, we were made to sing few carols along with the choir. This was their 5th year of production and I am hoping they will continue this wonderful tradition.

Another surprise this season is getting an arrangement of flowers like this: tropical, summer. Splurge, spoil yourself or ask someone to do it for you :)

Finally, no Christmas is complete without a Christmas Tree. I decorated mine with ornaments that have a meaning to me. Like this piggy - it was my favorite when I was a kid. My family had a set of three of them based on a fairy tale. Now grown up each of us has one pig - me, my mom and my sister. Also, I got a wreath.

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