Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dog Apparel for wet Pacific Northwest from Canada

This is my second set of outdoor clothes that I bought for my dog in the last six years and I am staying loyal to the brand Teckelklub. Why do I like it? First, it keeps my short-haired dog warm during cold nights. Second, it keeps his back dry in a rain. Third, it has reflective fabric on it, so you can see us in a dark. And finally, when it is very muddy outside (and those puppies love the mud) it keeps some of the dirt out :)

Teckelklub is a Canadian dog apparel. You can find their outfits in some pet stores around Seattle area but you can also order them directly from the Teckelklub Web site. This is what I did this time. The shipping took 10 days.

I got 2 types of outfits for my dog Tye. First, I got him a fleece "The Fuzzie." I had the same one for the last 6 years but it has shrunk with time (it has been washed and dried a lot) so replacement was in order.

I also got him a new trench coat for those rainy days. Again, it was a replacement.

So, the outfits last a long time (5-6 years in my case), they help little guy stay warm and out of rain and they have reflection, which is so needed at night. Happy Ruffs!


  1. Really your pet looks cute after wearing the Dog Apparel.

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