Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend at the Alderbrook Resort and Spa

This year for Mother's day I decided to spend a weekend at the Alderbrook Resort and Spa with my husband and our toddler son. I have heard many good things about it and it is rated as one of the top hotels in the Pacific Northwest.

Another reason I chose this place is its proximity to Seattle, which is a big plus when traveling with a toddler. Just under a two hour trip can be divided between a ferry ride from Seattle to Bremerton (1 hour) and then a 40 minute drive in a car.

The resort meets its price-based expectations: located right on a hood canal, clean, modern design with a cabin feel in the lobby, helpful staff, great views and all fixtures are working in the room. The restaurant serves delicious premium food: steaks and seafood.

This is the only resort that I have been to so far that is designed with families in mind 100%. There is a spa, a golf course, boats and other water activities plus the gym, great quality food and children are everywhere. There are craft stations for kids in the hallways of a hotel plus a small playground. We went on a few short nature hikes (1/2 mile) right outside the resort.


The drawback is that resort is in a middle of nowhere. There are no stores or restaurants nearby so unless you want to eat every meal at a restaurant and your kid likes the selections they offer you better bring your own water, milk and food. Of course, my husband complained that the mini bar in the room did not have beer. The problem was solved by going to the restaurant to get it and bringing it back to the room. I would go back and I highly recommend this resort to families.

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