Sunday, January 20, 2013

Baby Weight gone

This is a follow up to my previous post on the baby weight loss. My child is one. The goal of losing the Baby Weight in a one-year period is accomplished. I reached my goal back in September and have been able to maintain it. I am also stronger and have reached the lean zone on the body fat scale. I have also been able to breastfeed my child for year and have started the weaning process.

The talk is cheap - the pictures can tell a thousand words. So, here are few of me as I was on a road to losing the baby weight. Hopefully, my story can help you in your baby weight loss. There is no secret as I said before: it is all about the diet and exercise plus a great support group.

2 Months after Birth. Started on the baby weight loss program shortly after this picture was taken.

3.5 Months after Birth.

5.5 Months after Birth.

6.5 Months after Birth.

9 Months after Birth. Baby Weight gone.

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