Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Growing Tomatoes - Part I

This is the first year when I decided to plant tomatoes in my back yard. I asked few people around at work where to get some tomato starts and the response was - Seattle Tilth Plant sale. That's where we went. To avoid the crowds I paid for 2 tickets to attend their pre-sale on Friday. We went and got 15 tomato plants, few cucumbers, green peppers, herbs, broccoli, radicchio and even an eggplant! My mom and I planted them in the pots and my husband built a tiny greenhouse to protect tomatoes from the cold. The summer has not been the hottest this year but all the plants seem to be doing alright. We already ate several tomatoes - Stupice and Cherry, couple cucumbers and a pepper. Plus we have also been enjoying fresh herbs.

And this is the picture I took last night of the tomatoes I picked in the garden. It was very satisfying to eat our own fresh homegrown tomatoes. I will give another update on my tomatoes in few weeks.

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