Sunday, February 19, 2012

Terra Plata - another great addition to the Melrose Market

Melrose Market on Capitol Hill keeps pleasantly surprising me. Its new addition is Terra Plata - "Earth to Plate" concept restaurant and a new creation of the chef Tamara Murphy who closed her Brasa in 2010. Terra Plata has been open for 4 months now and seems to be very busy. This weekend we decided to try it out and loved it! The restaurant has lively and cozy environment, wooden tables and chairs and lights give it a warm feeling.

That evening I was in a mood to share few small plates. We decided on beets, sunchokes and beef cheeks. Sunchoke is also called Jerusalem Artichoke and this was my first time eating it. It was prepared with bacon, which of course made it tasty! It had nutty root vegetable taste and a crunch. Beets were served with arugula, pistachios plus some cheese.

Beef cheeks were the best out of three dishes. It is similar to short ribs but is a "better cut" - as we were told. It was served with carrots, turnip or parsnip puree (not a connoisseur of either one yet so can't remember which one it was) and brown sauce.

And then there was dessert... Immediately after we sat down I saw a couple at another table enjoying churros (aka Spanish doughnuts), which I always wanted to try but never had. Loved loved it!

What can I say? I really really enjoyed my dinner at Terra Plata and will go back again soon.

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