Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let's have some greens - Sauteed Spinach with Garlic

This week I saw some good-looking bunches of spinach in a store and bought two. I usually, like many people, have spinach raw in my salad. However, sauteing it and having as a side dish to fish or meat is also a good idea. Here is a quick way I learned to saute spinach from my husband.


1 bunch of spinach, leaves only - cleaned and washed
Olive oil for cooking (1-2 tablespoons)
2 cloves of garlic, minced
Salt and Pepper to taste


1. Preheat oil in the pan on medium heat and add garlic. Saute garlic until it starts getting brown.

2. Add a handful of raw spinach to the pan and turn it with tongs until it wilts. Then add another handful of spinach and repeat the same process. Continue to cook spinach until it is all gone. Work quickly. Turn the heat off and transfer spinach to a plate and serve. Salt and pepper to taste.

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