Saturday, January 21, 2012

Columbia City Bakery

After a week spent at home due to the two storms that hit Seattle I decide it is time to get out and try a new bakery. We choose Columbia City Bakery. I bought a bread from them in the farmers market before and even asked a co-worker to get me Walnut Levain Ficelle from it. And then my friend brought pastries from this bakery few weeks back, which I enjoyed very much. So, it is time to check it out.

This is my first time in Columbia City and it reminds me of other Seattle neighborhoods. Bakery Cafe is small. It has about 5-6 tables and a counter bar for sitting. We find a place and order several pastries: Fruit Danish, Sticky Pecan Bun (one of the favorites) and Morning Bun. Morning and Sticky Buns are much smaller in size than what I am used to. But it is good - fantastic taste and less calories :) All pastries are very delicious. We pick some bread to take home. Tasty!

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