Sunday, September 29, 2013

Italy in September - Part II Florence

We took a one day trip from Rome to Florence. To my surprise after visiting the Duomo, Uffizi Gallery and the David I felt like one day was just right amount of time in Florence.

Getting There

We took Trenitalia Frecciarossa high speed train from Rome Termini Station to Florence S. M. Novella and back. I bought tickets in advance online but as it turned out it was not necessary. It is easy to get tickets the same day. Plus we decided to go back to Rome on an earlier train so had to pay for a new return ticket.


The Tuscan steak is the thing to have but since we were in Florence only one day we really did not have time for a nice dinner. We ate at the cafes we saw while walking. The only memorable place was Caffe Rivoire recommended by Rick Steves. Expensive but tiramisu was amazing.


We climbed the Duomo, visited Uffizi Gallery and admired David. Birth of Venus was my favorite. I find Botticelli's paintings sensual. Here are few pictures. Similar to St. Peter's the dome pictures the Last Judgement.


Florence is relatively small and everything is close by. Shops are conveniently located on the streets that connect Uffizi and Academia. I bought few ceramic bowls and stocked up on Italian stationary at Il Papiro and Fabriano.


As in Rome TripAdvisor Off Maps iPhone App proved to be useful.

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